World Without Sidelines

“Another thing we can see in less industrialized parts of the world… is that something like making music, dancing, and singing together, as a participatory community that’s regular and ongoing is something that’s free, available, and part of everyday life. That’s a wealth and joy. It’s really interesting to realize that it’s been with industrialization and commercialization that we’ve been cut off from that. You end up with spectators watching or listening to the best. The global stars. It induces a sense of passivity.”

– Helena Norberg-Hodge interviewed in Geez Magazine, Spring 2015

The great gift of the Internet is the opportunity to participate. Today anyone can start a blog, post a photo, share their idea. What used to be the privilege of those who had the best voices or could afford a microphone is now available to us all.

Instead of diminishing great art, participation gives us a greater appreciation for those who are great at their craft, in the same way that crushing your own grapes gives you a greater, not lesser, appreciation for great wine.

I used to think that sharing ideas online was for the purpose of building a platform or getting noticed. But maybe that’s not the worthy goal. Maybe the very act of participation is reward enough.

You can choose to stay on the sidelines, to cheer on the participants. But if you do want to participate, there’s room on the field for everyone.

The choice is up to you.