Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders

Years ago I was deeply influenced by Tim Sanders’ Love Is the Killer App, and the emphasis he put on sharing your intangibles (such as your knowledge and network) have come to mind often since (you’ve gotta check it out!). I just finished reading the free excerpt of Tim Sanders’ newest book, Today We Are Rich. I’m now excited to jump into the rest of his new book because the excerpt chapter already had me thinking.

Feed Your Mind Good Stuff

Sanders’ new book talks about “how to embrace total confidence in your life, even as our sense of confidence, sanity and faith are uniquely tested in today’s world of social media and transparency.” To live healthy and confident, he stresses the importance of feeding our mind good stuff.

How do you wake up each day? If you’re like me, waking up involves wandering online, checking emails, latest FB and Twitter streams and generally grazing around. I often do that, then minutes later remember that I was was going online to check the weather! Of course, how much could have changed in the last 7 or 8 hours, since I went online just before going to bed as well?

If you’re wanting to improve your mind diet, Sanders recommends starting with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. “Start in the morning with your mind’s breakfast. This is the most important meal because it sets the tone for your day and instructs your subconscious about what it should notice, process, and store.” Among other things, he recommends waiting at least one hour before jumping online. Spend that time waking up slowly and doing your early-morning reading in books (I guess that sounds a bit like a quiet time or devotional time, eh?).

I know I have to be intentional if I’m going to avoid grazing online to start my day, so I’ve started trying to not leave my iPhone next to my bed to avoid the “reach for the phone” instinct. What does your brain breakfast look like?

I’m excited to read the rest of this book! Make sure you check out Today We Are Rich (and the free excerpt)!

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  1. Great post! Haven’t read the book yet, but a few months ago I read Tim’s advice about feeding your mind a good breakfast, so I tried it for a few days. It really does make a huge difference. I start my day with reading something or working on something substantial. I like the mood it sets for my day- it’s like the difference between eating a good breakfast vs. ice cream first thing in the morning!

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