The Thirst for Freedom

whateveryouwantLife is full of constraints. The boss, the budget, our family responsibilities, geography, education, all create boundaries and limitations.

We dream of shaking ourselves free from our chains and living the life of our dreams. Free of responsibility, free of constraints.

If we could only get free, then we’d be truly happy and fulfilled.

The scariest thing about these constraints is that many of them are internal, rather than external. They live inside our own mental models, rather than in reality.

Constraints are our excuse, our abdication of responsibility for our failure to do the things we dream of doing, or becoming the person we dream of becoming.

We gaze longingly at the open ocean, ignoring the gaping opening that is available for us to swim through.

Internal constraints are much more difficult the external ones. They require that we take responsibility, admit our trembling fear of the open ocean, and swim. It’s much easier to blame the constraints, rather than facing our fear.

So we have a choice. We can either continue complaining about our constraints, or face our fears and swim. Or we can embrace our constraints, dance with them, learn to use the boundaries to create our art.

Either way, the choice is ours. Freedom is in seeing the contstraints for what the truly are.