The Things We “Have To”

If you’re like much, much of your day is directed by obligation – the things you have to do.

You have to pick up some milk.
You have to write a quick email.
You have to get to work early tomorrow.

For most of us, though, most of our obligations are the result of our blessings – the things we’ve been given.

You have to mow the lawn because you have a beautiful home with a yard.
You have to get your car fixed because you actually have a car.
You have to wake up at 5am because you’re the parent of an energetic 3-year-old.

We have to, yes, but it’s because we have so much to be grateful for.

In light of everything we’ve been given, it’s surprising that more of us aren’t just walking around with a silly grin on our faces all the time…

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