The Bottom of the Cup

Icon thx Philip Glenn via nounproject

Every athlete knows about pacing. The pace at which you start a race or a game can’t be sustained if you want to finish strong (I’ve learned that the hard way).

But the start can be deceptive. Feeling the adrenaline and jitters of the opening whistle can make you feel invincible.

Every start, whether it’s a job, project or season of life, gives you a similar dose of adrenaline. And we can be seduced into the myth that, with enough coffee, we can maintain a breakneck pace for an extended period of time.

But even the largest dose of caffeine will let you down at some point. Eventually you’ll have to find a pace that can be sustained for the long haul, and an energy source that will help keep you going.

If you’re starting to see the bottom of your cup of joe, it might be time to take a breather.