Tag: Winnipeg

  • Manitoba Marathon

    In 2018 I attempted the impossible, running my first marathon, Winnipeg’s Manitoba Marathon. This was my first foray into long-distance running, what became the start of years of long-distance adventures. Today I’m grateful for the friends and community I found following this path. Congrats to all of today’s MB Marathon runners!

  • Dead Fish Paddle

    “THIS WAS A BAD IDEAAAAA!” I could hear faintly from Greg and Barry’s canoe above the wind as we leaned into the waves crashing at the bows of our vessels. The idea in question: what would it be like to paddle the Red River, from the Mennonite Landing near Ste. Agathe to The Forks in…

  • The Things Dad Brought Home

    Last weekend I ran on the frozen Seine River. Because of the rumours of wildlife along this twisting urban waterway, I kept my camera (the kind that also makes phone calls) handy. Sure enough, within the first couple kilometres I’d chased up a fox, later a small herd of friendly whitetails. And at about the…

  • Light

    Lately I’ve been checking out some master-of-light-effects graphic artists and trying to learn from their style. Here’s something I put together last night, based on a photo we took of Winnipeg last week. And it looks better in a larger format, which you can find here.