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  • Winter Trails

    It’s winter trail season. I’ve highlighted desire lines before, as well as some of the cool things winter reveals, but the phenomenon is new to discover every year. Some methods of moving through the world occur only in this season, only when the conditions are right. Some for essential transportation, others for the pure joy […]

  • The Right Path

    Lately I’ve been reflecting on a recent read, On Trails, by Robert Moor. Looks like we’ve got a little impromptu series of posts going, you can read other thoughts from this book here and here. This book’s cover, even in its Dutch form, drew me in last summer, and this winter I finally had the […]

  • Trails Through the Snow

    The path is made by walking. Antonio Machado You’ve probably seen them, veering off the snow-free sidewalk and through the deep snow. What begins as a series of footprints slowly becomes a packed-snow path. In his book On Trails, Robert Moor calls them “desire lines.” Desire lines are shortcuts adopted by hundreds of feet, an […]

  • Walk and See

    The Appalachian Trail stretch 2,140 miles along the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States, from Maine to Georgia. The idea of one long continuous trail was originally dreamed up by Benton MacKaye in the early 1900s to provide accessible wilderness experiences to an increasingly urban population. As told by Robert Moor in his wonderful […]