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  • Sandilands Ski Trails

    This might be a farewell to a sad ski season, but every opportunity to ski these trails is a gift. The Sandilands trails were initially created and maintained by foresters in the region, but were handed over from the province to the care of the Sandilands Ski Club in 1992. Since then they’ve seen a…

  • Swix Army Ski Watch

    Congrats to the hardworking teams at Swix and Victorinox for this beautifully-crafted tool for nordic skiers. Truly everything you need to be perfectly prepared for anything. Garmin, hope you’re taking notes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I was just alerted the local trails have been freshly groomed.

  • Sad Skier To-Do List

    It’s January, and there’s no snow in most of southern Manitoba. Not enough for cross-country skiing anyway. Here are some things you can do while you wait for some of the white stuff to fall.

  • Conjunction

    Here’s a little night sky poem.

  • Wednesday Night Ski Race

    Last week some friends and I tried something new, a nordic ski race! For me, these were two things, racing and skiing which had never before been combined. Racing is usually reserved for running, while skiing has been a recreational endeavor (aside from chasing a few Strava segments). But on a fateful evening we headed…

  • The Blank Slate

    It’s January 1. Happy new year. This morning I skied in the Sandilands with friends. Beneath the low gray sky, the world was white. Thick snow from a couple weeks back still caked to tree branches and needles and a thick layer of hoar frost made for a beautiful scene to take in as we…