Tag: Made to Stick

  • The Evil Villain of Communication

    We’ve all fallen prey to it before. Your text message says, “See you there at 8”, and they showed up in the morning instead of evening. Or the Help instructions say, “Select the brush icon from the toolbox”, to which you respond, “Where the heck is the toolbox in the first place???” You’ve just been…

  • Above the Buzz

    Called “Flyvertising,” this is one of the most clever advertising stunts I’ve ever seen: How will you make your message noticeable and memorable to get above the “buzz”? (Check out the “how the heck did they do that” video┬áhere).

  • Making Your Newsletters Remarkable: Speak Their Language

    If you’re involved in fundraising or connecting friends and supporters with your mission, ministry or cause, writing newsletters is probably an important part of what you do. Among my friends here at YWAM Denver, it’s always “newsletter time” for someone. I’ve been writing newsletters for nearly 9 years, and would like to share a couple…