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  • Be Weird

    As a kid I learned how to unicycle. If you’ve ever unicycled, or seen a unicyclist, you know that unicycling is weird. I would ride around my neighbourhood getting stares for people, hearing comments like, “You lost a wheel!” Unicycling isn’t for the fate of heart, and requires that you accept the fact that what…

  • Saturday Morning Fog

    Last Saturday I had the chance to go for a walk around our neighbourhood and take some photos in the early morning fog. (I didn’t really choose to get up so early, but since Olivia makes an annoyingly effective alarm clock at 6am these days, I decided to make the most of it). We don’t…

  • We *heart* Olivia

    Olivia turned 5 months old today, which called for another photo shoot. And Anna figured out how to make this cool hearty photo happen (with only lights and cardboard!)!

  • Light

    Lately I’ve been checking out some master-of-light-effects graphic artists and trying to learn from their style. Here’s something I put together last night, based on a photo we took of Winnipeg last week. And it looks better in a larger format, which you can find here.