Tag: bush farm

  • Bush Farm + Abe’s Hill

    Many think the life of a doodle-map-maker is mostly fun and games, but in fact it requires unparalleled patience and dedication. This map is the product of 3-4 hours of weekly research, braving wind, rain, and snow drifts over several years.  Now good luck finding that secret strava segment. 

  • The Plaque on the Rock

    This is the story of a plaque. And a rock. Maybe it’s a kind of a love story. This rock (sans plaque) was featured on the route of the recent Barkman Marathons, but this story began about five years ago. The original plaque made an appearance on the blog in 2019.

  • The Old Tamarack

    There’s a small green space near our house, in what has been called “the last piece of original bush” in our town. This is one of my favourite places to go for a morning run, or a walk with the family. Care to join me on a little walk? We wander out of town on…