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  • To Be An Artist

    In Pastures of Heaven, Steinbeck describes one particular farm as “a poem by the inarticulate man.” My grandpa’s tractors, his attention to detail, his tireless work, these might have been his poems. This zine is a tribute to him and his life. “To be an artist, you don’t have to compose music or paint or […]

  • Longest Night Run 2022 Recap

    For five years we’ve spent the winter solstice running through the night. In our community, the calendar has become marked by the Longest Night Run overnight relay, each of the 16 hours of darkness a reminder of past hours and miles spent together in the cold dark. We’ve remembered the joys as well as the […]

  • Active Art

    I’ve been inspired the past few years by folks who combine activity and art, sport and expression. Sport in itself is an expression (Chariots of Fire, “when I run, I feel God’s pleasure,” anyone?), but when an artist combines a physical activity with another medium, I find the results interesting. Here are a few artists […]

  • Spotlight Generosity

    A friend of mine used to like to play this game. We were working at a camp, and after dinner, with 30 people milling around the cafeteria, she would announce: “Attention everybody! Brent will now be singing a song for us!” For the record, this game wasn’t my idea. Out of the shadows For many […]

  • The Fear and the Power of Connection

    A discerning speech mentor recently pointed out that when I give a speech, I look towards the audience, but I don’t really look at them. My gaze scans the audience, but never really make eye contact with anyone. Why do I avoid eye contact? Speaking to a crowd, launching words into the air, is safe […]

  • Creativity is Subtraction

    Austin Kleon has some great advice on creativity, and following his first rule, I stole it (but check out more by clicking on the image): Kleon is a generous artist, and I like that. I also like his art, called “Newspaper Blackout”. Armed with only a Sharpie, he creates poems by removing all the “unnecessary” […]

  • Shirin Neshat, Artist in Exile

    Here’s an amazing talk by Shirin Neshat, an Iranian artist in exile, about the importance of art and culture in the West and in Iran. I admit I can’t begin to relate to her experience, but I’m challenged by her determination. Her courage reminds us that art is too powerful a tool to be used […]