Signs of Life

The ol’ blog’s been quiet lately, time for an update.

Contrary to the apparent silence in my corner of the internet, I’ve been writing more than ever of late. Truth is, I’m working on… a little book. My last blog post marks about the point where I signed up to be part of a new ride, writing a book in community. So far, it’s been a fun process of showing up daily, putting words onto the page, while learning both about myself and about what this book is going to be.

I’m excited to share it with you. In time.

In a world already filled to the brim with noise, I’ve been entertaining the audacious thought that I might have some words to share, words worth reading, words others might enjoy and find helpful. (And if you’ve got the same inkling, I encourage you lean into it as well.) The best words create space, and in Wendell Berry’s words, “[do] not disturb the silence from which [they] came.”

The crocuses are blooming in the prairies right now, signs that, even though the ground is brown, and the branches bare, life is toying at the edges, preparing to burst out.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of this adventure, and I’m glad you are.