Your inbox is already overflowing. You’re drowning in all the videos, feeds, articles demanding your immediate attention, fighting for your limited bandwidth.

What the heck do you think you’re doing, adding to the noise?

Everyone’s distracted, everyone’s overwhelmed. Why add another sound to the clamour?

If you aspire to create some piece of art that inspires others and connects on some level, you must do so with utmost care. You must treat the Send button with reverence, knowing that if you launch your song into the world, it must be worth being heard.

If you sing the right song, bringing just the right harmony to our overwhelmed ears, we will thank you. In fact, we will stop to listen and lean in for more.

Your song may just be the thread that ties all the other noise together, making sense of all of it. Or it might still our inner noise, calm our nerves and cure our tired eyes.

If that the kind of noise you’re making, thank you.