Share to Enjoy

Ever notice how natural it is, when you see something beautiful or amazing, to want to share it with someone else? For me, I’m a “sky guy”. My favourite time of day comes at sunset, when the sky transforms into an explosion of colour. Then, as the earth falls slowly to sleep, there’s the “blue hour”, when the sky turns deep shades of blue, just before the stars come out.

It’s in these moments that I’ll often turn to my wife and say, “Wow, look at the sky!” (By this point I actually don’t have to say anything, I guess I’ve become kinda predictable…). Scenery is at its best when you can share the beauty with someone else.

It seems like as humans we’re hard-wired to share the things we enjoy, and in fact our enjoyment is only complete when we do share.

I wonder if that’s why generosity is so important. We share not just because other people need what we have – our talents, time, and stuff – but because it’s natural to share the gifts we enjoy. And sharing them helps us fully enjoy and appreciate them. Too often, like two-year-olds (I know this from experience), we’re tempted to tighten our grip on what we have, screaming “Mine!”, afraid to lose whatever it is we hold so dear. But in doing so we also squeeze out the enjoyment of those gifts, depriving even ourselves.

May we open our hands to share and enjoy the good things we’ve been given.

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