Reinventing Yourself

In November, Anna and I did a month-long cleanse program, which basically consisted of taking some pills twice each day which were supposed to clean out all the nasty toxins and heavy metals in our bodies. Though the program didn’t really require it, we also tried to adjust our diet to make more health-conscious eating choices. As we determined what that would look like, how we would avoid coffee (well, limit it to one cup/day), eat lots of fruit and vegetables, not snack in the evenings etc, I realized something about myself: I wanted all the benefits of eating healthy without actually changing any of my eating habits. I enjoyed my desserts and my second cup of coffee, and I didn’t want to make any changes that didn’t sound fun.

It’s funny, especially at this time of year, how we dream of change and improvement, but we’re often not willing to go through the discomfort of taking steps to make real change. We talk a lot about “reinventing” ourselves, but in the end we’re kinda just satisfied with our current selves, or prefer to dream rather than dare live our dream.

That said, today there is a lot of hope that we really can make the next 365 days amazing. Now more than ever, we are limited only by the things we believe and the choices we make. Coined by Chris Brogan (I’m pretty sure), I’ve come to enjoy the term “Brave New Year”. It has a ring to it that captures the hope that the flip of the calendar brings.

May you find the courage to take steps off of your own beaten path and into the uncertainty of new adventures. May 2013 be your Brave New Year.

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