Poetry Reading Saturday at The Public

Join us Saturday, Apr 30 at The Public

Friends, we’re having ourselves a POETRY READING on Saturday, Apr 30. And you should come!

Location: The Public Brewhouse and Gallery (301 Main St. Steinbach)
Date: Saturday, Apr 30, 2pm (till about 3:30 or so)
What’s happening: Readings of poetry from my new book, as well as readings from special guests. And local beer on tap. And pick up a copy of Morning Rounds, $10 cash.

Writing is a lot like running. The work happens mostly on your own, mostly in the margin spaces between doing other things like work and washing dishes, but is essential to the soul for those who make it a practice. And just like something special happens when runners get together for a group run or race, words are better when shared.

I believe poetry is very old. It’s very sacred. It wishes for a community. It’s a community ritual, certainly. And that’s why, when you write a poem, you write it for anybody and everybody… It’s a gift to yourself, but it’s a gift to anybody who has a hunger for it.

– Mary Oliver #

I’ve never been to a poetry reading before, so if you’re in the same boat, you should come so we can check off that box together and celebrate the last day of National Poetry Month over a pint. And it’s been a long winter, so we’ll be sure to include some warm summer poems to dream together about warmer days ahead. 😉