On Listening

I’ve had the opportunity this month to join an online storytelling workshop. Only a few lessons in and I’ve already learned so much.

One of our early lessons was about listening and paying attention. Totally my jams, so I was leaning into the resources and insights offered. A few of the resources were so good, I knew I had to share them with you.

Listening and paying attention become increasingly important in times of stress and uncertainty, and we look for ways to breathe more deeply and cultivate empathy for our neighbours. Hope these help you like they have me.

5 ways to listen better

Julian Treasure believes that we’re losing our listening skills. He also gives practical tips for exercising our listening muscles. He helped me listen for the “hidden choir” during my run the other day, and has made me more attentive to the ordinary sounds all around me.

10 ways to have a better conversation

Celeste Headlee offers advice for being a better listener. (Hint: don’t act like you’re listening, actually listen.) Such a great reminder for making daily interactions more meaningful.

How To Pay Attention

Rob Walker writes a fantastic post with tips for making a simple stroll through your neighbourhood come alive. I was jotting notes and getting excited about some new ways of taking in engaging in ordinary moments and places. Favourite takeaway: “By nurturing or caring for something, you pay more attention to it.”