My December Podcast Playlist

During the winter months it has become my routine to walk to work. Though it might not be considered efficient, it gives me up to 40 minutes/day of “margin space” to slow down, get some fresh air, and learn. Lately I’ve been exploring some new podcasts, and would like to share a few that I’ve been enjoying.

If you, like me, find it difficult to find time to study and learn, consider using your commute or other margin space during the course of your day to throw some learning into the earbuds! Aural learning, while not as easy to share or take notes from while on the go, is an intimate, memorable way to learn, and gives your glued-to-the-screen-all-day eyes a break.

Are you already a podcast-listener? Please share your favourite listens, it’ll help make my walking time more interesting this winter!

Ok, here are 5 podcasts I’m enjoying at the moment:

1. This American Life

This weekly podcast is one of the more popular on iTunes, and gives a different angle on news happenings around the globe. Hosted by Ira Glass, I enjoy their perspective, honesty, empathy and the attention they pay to the people who don’t normally make the headlines.
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2. The Accidental Creative

Admittedly, I’ve been a little AC crazy lately, but if you’re hungry for resources and creative fuel, this is a great podcast. Todd Henry interviews a lot of other authors, so the podcast will lead you on many other rabbit trails as you discover other books, blogs and podcasts.
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3. 2nd Story

Out of Chicago, 2nd Story features some great storytellers telling personal, emotional, hilarious, thought-provoking stories in a live setting. Listening to their stories has re-ignited my appreciation for stories and the art of spoken word storytelling. And no, the “Explicit” warnings aren’t a mistake. But somehow, in the context of a well-told story, “colourful” language often does a great job of adding just that.
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4. Seth Godin’s Startup School

Of course, Seth Godin is well-known for churning out great ideas, so I jumped on this podcast when I noticed it. As billed, these unrehearsed, spontaneoussessions from the live “Startup School” event feature great thoughts about business and the new connection economy.

5. The Human Business Way

The newest addition to my podcast library, I’m really looking forward to listening to more of The Human Business Way. It features Chris Brogan (you’ve likely heard his name before if you read business blogs or books, I had, not sure where though), who has great thoughts about building human connections in the digital world. As the name suggests, Chris’ delivery is deeply personal and friendly. It’s just a good time…
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*BONUS* Laura Speaks Dutch

This one’s a bonus because it’s an “oldie goldie” (there aren’t new posts being added to the podcast), and because I want you to feel like it was worth it to read all the way to the bottom of this post (and cause it fills out my split column nicely, you like?). Last winter this was my go-to podcast for it’s personable and applicable method of learning Dutch. Big thanks to Brenno de Winter for investing so much into this podcast, it provided a great way to learn the language. And although his relationship with the podcast’s namesake didn’t work out, it’s helped my relationships immensely! If you’re up for some language learning, check this one out!


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