My Accidental New Year’s Resolution

One year ago I accidentally made a new year’s resolution. I had considered blogging for a while, and had had a couple unsuccessful starts at it. Finally one night I decided, “now I’m gonna do this.” As I logged in I noticed the date, and it happened to be Jan 1! So with a short post I was on my way with my first new year’s resolution, one that had very little chance of surviving 2010.  But I’m proud to say, one year later, that this is post #72. In addition I also launched an eBook from this blog.

I started posting in earnest in an attempt share some of the things I’m learning and share resources I find that would be helpful for others. Over the year this has challenged me to continue to read and learn, and to “ship” on a regular basis. I hope to do a lot more of the same in 2011.

All of you who have inspired and encouraged me, read, commented, thanks for being part of this!

Happy 2011!

One response to “My Accidental New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Hey Brent. Your blog posts are great, and your commitment to “ship” is commendable. Your talk on Sunday is still echoing inside. I liked that you spoke from the heart, to the heart. Keep it up.

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