Living the Dream

Chances are you already are.

We had another school group tour our office the other day. I love it. Meandering in and out of our our well-worn daily routines and tasks, these six-year-olds brought the magic back. The wide-eyed curiosity and wonder of a group of six-year-olds is contagious.

In explaining my graphic design work, I asked the group whether they liked to draw. One boy piped up with sincerity and answered, “I’m just kinda getting into it.”

Regardless of your career, relational and family status, or age, there’s a good chance you’re living a child’s dream.

For some reason a sign of growing up is learning to see the glass half-empty, getting weighed down by the burdens of responsibility and cynicism, forgetting our dreams. We scoff at people who remain childish and naive. But maybe they know something we “grown-ups” don’t.

As a 15-year-old attendant at a small gas station, I remember cleaning one customer’s windshield above the wide-eyed gaze of her young son. She later explained, with a laugh, that her son wanted to do my job when he grew up. I was already (at the age of 15!), living his dream.

Today I’ll choose to see my world through child-like curiosity and wonder. Will you?

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