Les Misérables and the Dream

Last night we watched the new Les Misérables film. Though my mom had read the novel to me as a kid, I realized I’d forgotten most of this 19th century classic. A story of slavery, redemption and love, it’s a moving story, to say the least. It speaks to the often-forgotten dream that’s been planted in each of us: the hope of love’s triumph over judgment and pain.

It’s easy to spend our energy filling our pockets, bolstering our image, and doing our duties. It’s easy to lose the plot. But as Victor Hugo’s tale reminds us the most moving of ways, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

Yes, the film mostly singing (apparently it was a musical, who would have guessed!). But as I watched, I realized the special power of music. Poetry and song can speak to the heart and stir the soul in a way many other mediums cannot. Ever since the trailer came out, the sound of “Dreamed a Dream” sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it (even when it’s used in jokes).

Check out the trailer here or below and make sure you check out the film if you haven’t yet.

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