How Often Should You Blog?

“Every day.” – Seth Godin
“At least three times a week.” – Michael Hyatt
“There’s no magic number. Blog as frequently as you can that generates quality.” – Scott Stratten

The opinions are all over the place. If you followed everyone’s advice for blogging, tweeting, getting yourself out there, you’d be way busier and feeling a lot more guilty. All at the same time.

Maybe “how often” isn’t the right question. A better question is “why”.

Why do you blog?

If you’re blogging to become a better writer then, as Seth Godin recommends, you should blog daily. It’s a personal discipline.

If you’re aiming for quality, then less quantity might be a wise approach.

Whenever you write a blog post you take advantage of the incredible opportunity each of us has been given to communicate. To publish your words out in public. To exercise your voice. What a gift.

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