Help for Haiti

I had the privilege of going to Thailand in 2005 to help with the reconstruction efforts after the tsunami that destroyed many parts of southeast Asia. We got there 3 months following the disaster and were surprised to find that so much restoration had already happened in major cities and tourist hotspots, while fishing villages an hour’s drive away still lay in ruins with residents were living in refugee camps.

Friends, as the earthquake in Haiti begins to fade from the forefront of our minds and the media buzz quiets, let’s not forget that the people of Haiti will need our prayers and support for years to come.

I love how Architecture for Humanity is making long-term plans for reconstruction in Haiti (and the event that PechaKucha is doing to support them!).

I’m also excited about what our community here at YWAM Denver is doing. Since we already buy a lot of bulk food for our community, we’re able to get food staples like rice at a low price to send down to our partners who desperately need food for the many people they’re helping.

Help Feed Haiti with YWAM Denver

I know there are lots of creative of ways to give and get involved with supporting the Haitian people, but if you’d like to join us in sending food, you can send your donation to:

YWAM Denver
Haiti Fund
12750 W 63rd Ave
Arvada CO  80004

Better yet, think about how you can use your own talents, along with some friends, to creatively help people in Haiti.

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