Fetch and the Fear of Missing Out

Growing up we had an energetic Cocker Spaniel named Gus who loved playing fetch. He would chase down slobber-soaked tennis balls for what seemed like hours. When I would throw one ball, he would race to retrieve it. But when I wanted to have some fun I would throw two balls. Instead of running to retrieve one, then the other, he would stop suddenly, his nose pointing back and forth at the two balls. He just couldn’t decide which ball to chase, and wouldn’t get either one! I got a kick out of that every time (small thrills, I know).

As Seth Godin points out, we’re all missing out. Today it’s easier than ever than ever to compare ourselves with others. To realize all the opportunities we’re not taking advantage of. To get stuck trying to keep up with the Joneses.

The Joneses aren’t just the folks next door anymore, they’re everyone around the world, all displaying their best selves on your social media feeds.

Faced with unlimited opportunity, we’re like dogs trying to decide between a hundred tennis balls to chase. Overwhelmed, it’s easier to simply stop and watch, with our tongues hanging out.

I suppose the challenge is to be content. To stop comparing. To not let discontentment keep us from the opportunity that is the here and now.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” – Paul the Apostle

The only place joy can be found is right here and right now. – Seth Godin


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