Death and Margins

There is a period after a particularly audacious product ships that feels a lot like being dead. – Seth Godin, Gape into the Void Podcast episode 9

The opportunity these days to avoid being bored is incredible. We live in an “always on” culture, with a world of information at our fingertips and the possibility of doing something – worthwhile or not – every moment of the day.

The problem is that our bodies and spirits aren’t wired to be always doing. They’re made for rhythms of on and off, doing and not doing. Breathing.

Space in between notes makes the music sound better.

Negative space amplifies the message.

Seth Godin recently releases several books (simultaneously!) and sounded almost offended when asked, “What’s next for you?” He explained that he’s learning to embrace the margins, that negative space (which these days is often seen as very negative).

If you’ve shipped, if you’ve poured your energy into a day or week or project, it’s important to embrace margins. To rest. To breathe. Even if it feels like being dead.

Because we know, especially in this season, that life springs out of death.

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