15 hours and 52 minutes

Ever since the first Longest Night Run, the gaping void between sunset and sunrise during the solstice has beckoned like a menacing “triple dog dare” (Christmas Story, anyone?)

We’ve tackled it as a relay, with young and old taking their turn in running/walking/riding through the night.

Others have decided to take on longer legs, putting in many miles before sunrise.

Long distance running offers a unique way of joining with others in suffering, in loneliness, and in putting one foot in front of the other when your entire being wants to stop.

This year, I’d personally like to throw my hat in the ring, and I’m telling you about it because I’d like you to be a part of this.

I’m planning to run the full 16 hours of the longest night. From sunset to sunrise. There are plenty of reasons why I might not succeed (I get nervous just watching the forecasted temps dropping…), but that’s the goal.

And, for your part in this? I’d love to know that on Dec 21-22, you’re “out there” in the middle of the night, running your lap around the neighbourhood, around the town, wherever. Sign up to be part of this.

And I’d love it if you’d consider donating to my friends, who are in the middle of a very long “run” right now, and are putting one foot in front of the other despite the pain, loneliness, and weariness.

For details on the run, and methods for donations and registration, click here.