The Longest Night Run 2019

In support of Ashleigh & Jordan Dueck
Dec 21-Dec 22, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in The Longest Night Run, 2019 edition. Read the recap email here.

One year ago, our dear friend Ashleigh was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and she and her family have spent the past year navigating a long and exhausting journey of chemo treatments. Read more about Ashleigh’s story here.

Saturday, December 21 is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, with 16 hours of darkness. In southern Manitoba that means 16 hours of darkness, from sunset to sunrise on the 22nd.

From sunset to sunrise we will join Ashleigh and Jordan and their family symbolically by running through the darkness. For 16 hours, in half-hour shifts, we will pound the pavement, embrace the cold, and support our friends.

Would you join us?

Here’s how you can get involved:

Run (or walk/bike/etc)

This is a free virtual relay, in half-hour time slots. Run from where you want, as far as you like, with whomever you want. Invite your friends, family, kids, to join you. Click here to sign up for a time slot.


Whether you’re running or not, consider donating $16, $32, or $160 to support the Duecks to help them cover medical and other costs as they navigate this cancer journey together. Our goal this year is $8000 (that’s $500/hour if you do the math). Every bit helps. Donate here.

Buy a toque

Special Longest Night Run toques are available for purchase ($30 including tax), with all proceeds going to the Dueck family! Available starting Dec 9, these toques are only available at Source for Sports in Steinbach. Big thanks to them for making these happen.

Event Details

  • As an overnight, winter challenge, please consider your safety as your head out. We recommend you run with a friend, wear reflective clothing, and dress appropriately for the temperatures. Be smart! 🙂
  • This is a virtual relay, you can participate from anywhere, but we have a few special ways to connect if you’re in the Steinbach area. See below for details.
  • We will be using to organize relay participants. When you select a slot, you will be asked for your name and email address, which we will use to contact you about event details. You will not be required to sign up for an account. Let us know if you hit any technical issues.


  1. Is there an entry fee?
    Participation is free, but donations are welcome. All proceeds going directly to the Duecks.
  2. Where is this taking place?
    This is a virtual relay, so you can run wherever you like (outside is preferable). Feel free to organize a meeting place for your running group to run together for your scheduled time. In Steinbach, see details below about some optional routes and meet-up spot.
  3. I don’t run, can I still participate?
    Yes! Feel free to run, walk, or tricycle. There is no minimum distance you need to cover during your hour.
  4. Can I run for more than one half-hour?
    You’re welcome to sign up for as many slots as you like. If you’re up for it, run the whole 16 hours!
  5. Can I sign up for a time slot that already has been filled?
    Yes! Each time slot has unlimited openings, sign up for a time that works for your schedule.

Steinbach Run Details

  • The Meet-up Spot.
    We will have a meet-up spot (kind of like an aid station, without the Gatorade) at Tim Hortons on Brandt St and Reimer Ave. We’ll have some friendly volunteers who will offer participants a hot chocolate, accept donations, and generally warm your heart as you warm your nose and hands. If you’re meeting up with a friend for your leg of the relay, this is a great meeting spot.
  • Bring a candle.
    Or pick one up at the Meet-up Spot. On your leg of the relay, bring it to the Duecks’ place, we’ll be filling their yard with light. More detailed instructions available at the Meet-up Spot.
  • Routes (optional).
    Below are a few optional routes that start at the Meet-up Spot and run past the Duecks’ place. Feel free to modify as you like, or find your own route completely (it is a “virtual” run, after all).
Walking route (2.5km) heads down Reimer Ave, then Main St, Brandt, First St, Lumber, before returing to Tim’s.
Running route (5km) heads up Brandt, then Mackenzie, Main St, and back on Brandt.
The 6.5km route does the 4-mile loop of town, down Brandt, Mackenzie, Hespeler, Loewen, returning on Brandt. Probably longer than 30 minutes, this one’s for those who want to run more than a single leg.
  • Sunrise Run.
    Join us in front of Coffee Culture at 8am to complete the last leg of the relay together. Afterwards we’ll enjoy coffee and muffins, generously provided by Coffee Culture. Sign up for the last leg of the relayto RSVP so we know how many to expect.


Thanks to some great local businesses and organizations who have contributed to this event: