The ball’s in your court

Good tennis players can bat the ball back and forth endlessly. As long as neither player makes an error or takes a chance, the ball will stay in play, but the game won’t make any progress.

Watch all agonizing 1:40 of this longest rally in Grand Slam history. 71 shots of back and forth, back and forth. One hundred seconds of no errors, no risk, no points gained or lost.

We all know how to stall, hit reply, ask for clarification or more time or facts to keep from making progress on a given goal or project.


Another volley.

And another.

All creating the illusion of action (Monfis and Simon were plenty tired after their rally) without creating any forward movement.

Without risk, there’s no forward movement.

What will you do when the ball’s in your court?

Btw, Seth wrote a great book about what do when it’s your turn…