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  • Winter Shoes for Manitoba Runners

    If you were both a sports fan and watched Saturday morning cartoons in what was apparently a very short slice of time in the rich year of 1991, you might remember having watched ProStars. No? The show, which according to Wikipedia aired for only 3 months but made a long-lasting impression on at least one…

  • Paper Doll Runner

    Can you successfully balance this runner’s need for warmth and breathability in any conditions? Test your skill! Layers and layers of fun for the whole family!

  • Dear Garmin

    My Garmin watch has joined me on all but a handful of my adventures for the past 6 years, faithfully recording my pace and distance, and charting a map of where I’ve been (oh, and also telling me the time). Here are a few feature idea that would help paint a more accurate picture of…