RunHaiku: Call for Submissions

I recently launched, posting my first 100 haiku from my daily running/seeing habit (read more here).

Probably the most fun and unexpected result of the project so far is that friends have started writing their own RunHaiku (and WalkHaiku, and BikeHaiku) as a result! Love it!

This got me thinking: wouldn’t it be fun to create a volume of collective RunHaiku?

And that is what we’re going to do! Want to participate? Here’s the challenge (if you choose to accept it):

  1. Go outside. Move. Walk, run, bike, swim, crawl, camp, etc.
  2. Pay attention. Earbuds out, listen to your surroundings. Smell the fresh air. Watch the clouds. Feel the burning in your calves.
  3. Write a haiku about what you notice. The common rule with haiku is 3 lines, 17 syllables (5/7/5). But there’s a lot of nuance to “what is haiku”, but this is just a tool, let’s not get hung up on that.
  4. Head over to this form to submit your haiku.

The idea of RunHaiku isn’t to create beautiful poetry. This is a tool for paying attention. Don’t overthink it. It’s about the process, not the result.

Once we have a good compilation (100 or so would be wonderful), I’ll post them in a future volume on

Sound like fun?

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Click here to submit your haiku.