Nothing to Hide

Last night I watched Rob Ford for the first time. I’m not really up with all the Rob Ford buzz, but was finally curious enough to hear the guy speak. I was actually surprised by my own reaction.

I felt kinda envious. Yes, envious of Rob Ford.

As they paraded Ford around in his bright red tie, re-hashing his long string of shenanigans, I put myself in his place. I imagined what it would be like to have all of my wildest moments shared with the world. What would it be like for all that stuff I’m ashamed of to be put on display?

We’ve all done stupid things, things we’d rather not talk about. Our greatest fear is having those things brought into the light.

Whether you’re in business, religion or politics, portraying the right image seems so important. We can pour so much energy into sustaining that image, white-washing the tomb.

I spend plenty of time polishing my own image, trying to appear competent, hard-working, in control. It’s exhausting.

But as I watched Rob Ford and vicariously aired my dirty laundry, I felt a burden lift.

It’s incredibly refreshing to have nothing to hide.