Never Stop Newbieing

Icon thx Ralf Schmitzer via

Learning new things is uncomfortable.

It’s easier to communicate in your native tongue than sound like a two-year-old in a new language. It’s simpler to play a familiar sport than fumble around trying a new one.

That’s why tend to stick with what we know. At some point in life we say “enough”. We avoid the new software update because we don’t want to go through the trouble of the beginner phase again.

By definition, learning a new thing means starting with not knowing. And that stage of not knowing can be frustrating and a shot to the ego.

But the “newbie” stage, as uncomfortable as it is, is essential.

Kevin Kelly says that with the advance of technology we should all get comfortable with being “constant newbies” as tools and tech continue to change faster than ever.

Not only that, but swallowing your pride to learn something makes you a better person, doesn’t it?

Never stop newbieing.