Never Roast Angry

One coffee-maker in Barista mentioned advice given to him by a mentor:

“Never roast angry.”

This, of course, is ridiculous advice, right? How could coffee-drinkers ever notice the roaster’s attitude when she roasted the beans that went into the coffee they’re drinking?

But what if they can? What if your taste buds can pick up on the subtleties, not only of the beans, but the attitude of the people who prepared them?

We often think that we can keep rotten thoughts and feelings brewing (pardon the pun) underneath, and carry on with business as usual on the outside. But I wonder whether our conversations and work are affected by that stuff more than we’d like to think.

Jesus recommended not sleeping angry. I wonder if we could apply that advice to the time we spend playing with our kids, making dinner, and doing our work as well.