Missing an Eclipse

This morning there was an eclipse.

And I missed it. (Which news stories and Instagram posts were kind enough to inform me.)

This world is a wonderful place, isn’t it? (Boom de yada, boom de yada…). Even this sterile winter day was filled with, the deep blue glow of the pre-dawn snow, a lunar eclipse, a soft but expansive sunrise, sun dogs at noon.

Not to mention the wonder of kids growing up and discovering new things, and each of us grown ups becoming different version of our selves day by day.

Amazing things are happening all around us, right under our noses, all the time. Quite overwhelming, if you think about it. We might easily echo Jayber Crow’s lament:

“Often I fear that I am not paying enough attention.”

Most of these wonders, like the lunar eclipse in my case, happen unnoticed. They’re free to enjoy, but won’t complain if they come and go unannounced.

All the more reason to pay attention. Look up at the sky. Take a moment (15 seconds, to be precise) to soak it in, before this moment passes quietly on to the next.