If This Works: Book Update

A few short months ago I first released my book, Pay Attention. The project was an experiment, first in gathering and writing a batch of ideas, then producing a digital book, then a printed book. Each step of the process was a new experience for me in various ways, each really enjoyable as well.

Seth Godin talks about the importance of taking on projects that might not work, that venture into unknown territory where there’s a risk of failure, but also a chance that it will work.

The hope was that this book might help someone adopt a posture of attention, curiosity, and wonder.

And the crazy thing is:

I think it’s actually working.

I’ve been humbled to hear how the book has resonated with readers from a variety of walks of life. It’s helped people see their life from new perspectives and be more curious and grateful for what they have.

I’ve also been really inspired hearing people’s own stories of learning to pay attention. We all experience moments of distraction, disillusionment, and boredom. But we also share the desire to be present and filled with wonder.

I love it. Thanks so much for the privilege of sharing words and experiences with you and being part of this experiment.

If you haven’t read it yet, the digital version is free on my site, and I still have some printed copies available. The printed book comes bundled with a companion notebook for recording your thoughts and observations as you develop your habit of paying attention.

(You’ll notice they’re the perfect stocking-stuffer size too, so they might make a great gift ;).)

Thanks for reading.