Growth Starts Underground

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Icon thx Icon 54 via nounproject

When “self” is something we can curate by posting the right things on our social media page, we can forget about the hard work that it takes to accomplish anything.

The mantra subtly changes from “you can be anything you want to be” to “you can look like you’re anything you want to look like”.

We look at the greats, the people we aspire to be like when we grow up, their success appears effortless. But we won’t become like them by focusing on reproducing the outer layer of who they appear to be. What we don’t see is the years of struggle in obscurity, the numerous failed attempts allow the way.

If you want to grow a garden, you feed the soil, not the branches.

Who do you want to become, and how will you nourish your “soil” to grow into that person?