Frankenstein’s Night

Here’s a Halloween tale:

The evening was crisp and the moon was bright
The owls were just waking up for the night

Our friend Frankenstein was swiping his phone
His dwelling was empty and he felt quite alone

Kids were out asking for tricks or for sweets
Dressed up all in cardboard, facepaint and sheets

It’s fine to dress up as a monster this day
But for a real monster this was no time for play

But as he sat wondering where all his friends went
He heard a small knock that sounded quite different

He opened the door, and down near his knees
Was his own mirror image, a costumed kid, age three

The young Franken junior looked up as if seeing a saint
“You’re our hero, Mr. Frankenstein”, he squeaked through facepaint

Frank’s eyes started tearing and his insides felt fuzzy
This evening he wasn’t such a monster, now, was he?