For Your Ears

I had the opportunity to chat with a few podcasts recently about the upcoming Longest Night Run. Have a listen!

Inspired Soles

Inspired Sole podcast

Hosts Kim and Carolyn put a ton of care into their weekly shows, interviewing runners from across the spectrum of running styles and backgrounds. We reminisced about past races around Manitoba (like the wet and muddy, Baudry Fall Classic) and chatted about how I got into running. Then we dove into the history of the Longest Night Run. Then we chatted about my RunHaiku project. Check out our episode, but while you’re there check out their past episodes from others in the running community, great conversations.

Listen to Inspired Soles.

Two Idiots

Two Idiots podcast

Reg and I (minus Randy, which I suppose made me the second idiot, if you do the math) sat down at Two Idiots HQ in Steinbach to chat about the Longest Night, winter and night running, and the odd creative bug that drives some to write a daily haiku, and others to produce a weekly podcast.

Listen to Two Idiots.

So all this got me thinking about podcasts…

The basic premise of a podcast is pretty simple, conversation between people, recorded for others to listen in. But as Seth Godin noted, there’s something different about a conversation on a podcast as opposed to a couple friends chatting casually, something he attributed to intent.

Everyone who sits down behind a mic for a podcast comes with the intention of having a quality conversation. Hosts are more curious than they might be normally, intent on asking good questions, and guests respond with the same generosity and curiosity of their own.

We don’t all have a podcast of our own, but what if we approached some of our everyday conversations as if they were podcasts? What if we asked better questions? Answered more generously? Showed curiosity towards the people we interacted with?

I can think of a few people in my life who have this skill. When they sit down to talk, they’re leaning in, curious, intent on learning more about the other person.

I’ve gained huge respect for people like Carolyn, Kim, and Reg, who ship a new episode every single week, which inspire my own creativity. But I’m also a little more inspired to have better conversations.

Thanks for listening.