Digging Holes

Gotta dig a lot of holes to get into something deep

– Nathaniel Rateliff

I read Gabe’s 2000th blog post (thanks to Seth for sharing) and was again inspired to show up at this blog and write more often. Because big things often happen not all at once but drip by drip.

It’s always possible to make the jump from not being creative to being creative. And it can be quicker than originally thought. Creativity doesn’t have to be such a big mystery…which has added to the mystery and the fulfillment.

Gabe Anderson

I’ve had a similar experience in writing nearly 1200 haiku. As tired and uninspired as I feel, given a minute to write something, there’s always at least a spark of creativity there. And when you put a bunch of sparks together, you eventually have a fire.

Here’s to collecting more sparks, and digging more holes.