Consider the Leaves

Icon thx Arancha R via nounproject
Icon thx Arancha R via nounproject

The sunrise this morning, in our corner of the world, was magical.

For a brief moment, the sky turned pink. Taking the queue, the red leaves on our hedge and the neighbour’s maple tree began to shimmer like a million tiny lights.

Seriously. They were glowing.

Staring wide-eyed out the windows with our kids (because kids give you the permission to be unreasonably amazed by these moments), we enjoyed this brief, beautiful snapshot of autumn before it faded into the growing daylight.

Even amidst the ever-tumultuous events reported in the news and the urgency of the week’s to-do list, the philosophers remind us to consider the slowly-changing seasons. The poets invite us to stop and take notice.

To wonder.

“The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

This weekend, may you, if even for the briefest sunrise moment, be filled with wide-eyed wonder.