Category: Inspiration

  • Rob Morris – language of hope

    I appreciate Rob’s thoughtfulness and honesty.  And in a sector where buzz words and phrases get attention, emotion, and donations, I appreciate that he is willing to rethink those phrases, and reconsider our objectives, motives, and integrity.

  • No blue, no green: Slyvia Earle’s TED talk

    What an incredibly moving presentation.  Sylvia Earle’s confidence and passion are contagious. As I watched, I was struck by how Sylvia conveyed the heart of God, who has commissioned us to take care of this planet.  Doesn’t God delight in all these previously undiscovered depths, teeming with unique and beautiful plants and creatures? I’m grateful…

  • A Christmas Story

    Read a great Christmas story, written by Jim Wallis of Sojourners. This Christmas, let’s follow Jesus in seeking peace on this earth. Merry Christmas.