Beyond Buzz

Does the loudest voice win in a shouting match?

Some people think so, which is why they keep talking louder, re-explaining their point more urgently. 

Many advertisers think this is the case as well. Their billboards get larger, the ads get brighter, as they try to compete in en ever-noiser space. Even as their audience lose interest in this kind of shouting, the noise persists. 

While loud might attract eyeballs or ears – even if by force – is attention all we’re after? Is “getting eyeballs” really the goal at the end of the day? What will they think of you once you’ve successfully interrupted them?

“[A] common trap that many marketers fall into is focusing too much on trying to figure out how to generate a lot of buzz, when really they should be focused on building engagement and trust. I can tell you that my mom has zero buzz, but when she says something, I listen.”

– Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness

We listen to people we know and love. We respond to the voices we trust and respect. We resonate, not with the loudest voice, but the one that aligns with our own beliefs. 

What if advertisers focused less on winning the shouting match, and more on winning people’s hearts?