An Autumn Morning’s Night

Autumn has arrived in full here in Manitoba. I’m daily reminded of the changing seasons during my morning running routine. While I was running during the mid-summer sunrise in August, I now lace up my shoes and head out into near-freezing temperatures and pitch black darkness at the same time of day in October.

But the morning darkness has been far from depressing. The world by dark is fascinating and ever-changing. I’ve noticed the stars and the phases of the moon, and have chased up animals enjoying the safety of darkness.

My mornings have been almost, poetic.

So I’ve taken to crafting some words about my experiences. And what better way than through the poetry form of haiku? Here are a few lines that describe the autumn morning’s night.

Moonlit winding path
Poplar leaves shiver from cold
Winter approaching

And this morning I enjoyed running under northern lights:

Orion keeps watch
Aurora dances gently
An ocean of stars

As the season’s change, what do you notice that you’ve overlooked before?